JAŠA: The Relations

October 8, 2017

FRIEZE, London, UK


The Relations is a composition in space and time, a series of interconnected yet autonomous gestures that meld imagery, poetry and performance together with his sense for responsibility. JAŠA notes, “appearance and perception are at the core of my interest in "The Relations", the space-in-between, the gaps, the uttering of one’s emotion, the urgency to believe even if “the believing” does not have an obvious structure, or better I do not want it to have one”. Situations become images in JAŠA’s work; imagery constructed in relation to the tension between the detail and its dissected wholeness which at once might occur as familiar yet distant. Looking at a diversity of relationships and associations to memory, repetition and re-emergence, JAŠA disrupts the familiar and entices the unexpected with his integration of the spatial and temporal. With constant re-materialization, we reach an apparent logic that seduces and bewilders. The trigger of a familiar situation creates an image constellation; independent gestures lead to an intensified experience. There is present-ness yet a simultaneous remoteness, hopefulness balancing vulnerability, beauty and symmetry balancing chaos, tranquility balancing turmoil, a visual order that is at once nostalgic and open. Sounds echo and collide in harmony within this carefully choreographed atmosphere that seemingly relies on an invisible script. In The Relations, JAŠA embraces the monumental which constantly tiptoes on persistent delicacy of the sensual, physical, direct, raw and loud. The latent scream seems to persist—maybe one of his most personal signatures—as it takes on interconnectivity of facts, interpretations and existence.

The Relations; a composition of eight individual performances. The four-hour durational happening will feature sculptural installations, a site-specific intervention and performances by the artist and collaborators. The project as a whole explores 8 fundamentals to the artist: Apnea / Purpose / Vocation / Trust / Values / Urgency / Fulfillment / Growth /.

The Relations is conceived by JAŠA, curated by Mitra Khorasheh and produced by WE.ARE Institute. The project will be presented on the 8th of October, from 05:00 pm till 09:00 pm at Dalston Piers, 2a John Campbell Road, London, N16 8JZ.